Street Athletics

Linford Christie and Darren Campbell share the same vision, to break down the significant barriers which prevent youngsters from believing in their own talents and not having the confidence in their futures to set even the smallest ambitions.

“We believe that Sport can play a huge part in engaging young people that reflects positively in other areas of their lives.”

Street Athletics is a series of community focussed events throughout the UK where all youngsters are invited to race against each other over 60m, giving them the chance to compete in the Grand Final in Manchester.

The ultimate aim is that all kids from all areas feel welcome to actively take part, providing the opportunity to broaden their existing horizons within sport and other non-sport related areas.

Nuff Respect is working with local councils to run Street Athletics events in various areas of the UK. We hope that it will encourage kids to utilise the sports facilities provided by the Council and ideally join a local Athletics club, or that the opportunity provides a trigger to kids to believe in their own abilities and they go on to be motivated in other non-sports related areas.

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