Sprint Training

“Nothing can beat the thrill of being the fastest man in the World” (Linford Christie).

“Nuff” Respect organise sprint training sessions for professional sports people and teams across all sports looking to find the edge over their competitors as well as corporate training days.

Europe’s greatest ever 100m sprinter, Linford Christie, became Olympic 100m Champion in Barcelona in 1992. In an international career spanning seventeen years Linford competed over 60 times for his country and won more major championship medals (23) than any other British male athlete. Linford Christie has teamed up with some of his athletes to deliver a series of sprint coaching days specially designed to improve your sprinting technique and to get you running faster. As Linford says, “Whatever sports you’re involved in, the more speed you’ve got the better you are going to be”. So whether you want to improve your 100 metre time, be able to sprint past your opponent in a game, or even just run quicker to catch the bus, sign up for this fantastic opportunity to be coached by some of Britain’s top athletes in a friendly, relaxed and fun environment.

“Nuff” Respect represent many of Great Britain’s fastest Athletes. A selection of these Athletes have experience in working alongside professional sports teams to provide the following services to improve dynamic ground speed:

• Educate on the theory behind speed training and subsequently improving speed

• Demonstrate and practice drills and comprehensive training techniques used by professional sprinters

• Transfer of these skills into a game situation

“My speed is as good as its ever been and I think a lot of that is down to the work I’ve been doing with Darren Campbell for a couple of years now. He’s got me feeling really sharp and confident in the speed in my legs and my fitness and all-round game is just been as good as its ever been.” (Mark Cueto – Sale Sharks & England).

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