ok! magazine forced to apologise for kate middleton baby weight loss cover

This news broke on Thursday, July 25th, 2013 | For more breaking news visit our news page

OK! Magazine has issued an apology following public outcry over their latest cover story about Kate Middleton’s post-baby weight loss plan.

The edition hit the shelves before the Duchess gave birth on Monday with a large cover line saying ‘Kate’s post-baby weight loss regime,’ and contained a ‘Duchess diet and shape-up plan.’

A reported quote from Kate’s personal trainer reads, ‘She’s super fit – her stomach will shrink straight back.’

The mag was slammed for being ‘vile’ and putting unnecessary pressure on women to snap back into shape after having a baby.

Celebs joined in the public outcry, with former Blue Peter presenter Katy Hill leading the way after getting 3,000 retweets for her call to boycott the mag:

The 42-year-old presenter and mum of two said she was ‘fuming’ and went on to share a personal snap of herself after giving birth:

A spokesperson for Northern & Shell, the parent company of OK! apologised in a statement, reading, ‘Kate is one of the great beauties of our age and OK! readers love her.’

‘Like the rest of the world, we were very moved by her radiance as she and William introduced the Prince of Cambridge to the world. We would not dream of being critical of her appearance. If that was misunderstood on our cover it was not intended,’ it continued.

The NHS advises women to wait until after their six week postnatal check-up before embarking on any exercise and warns against going on any crash diets or restrictive meal plans, particularly if the new mum is breastfeeding.

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