Nigel Levine claims 400m Silver at the European Indoors

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Nigel Levine won a silver medal over 400 metres at the European Indoors as fellow Britons Michael Bingham and Richard Strachan failed to shine in the final.

European outdoor champion Pavel Maslak set a new Czech Republic national record of 45.66 seconds to take gold, but Levine passed Russia’s Pavel Trenikhin on the final bend to win gold in 46.21 seconds.

Levine insisted he had not ‘done anything illegal’ but appeared to clip the Russian athlete, Trenikhin did launch an appeal but ended up being disqualified himself.

However, Trenikhin was later reinstated into third place which meant Michael Bingham was relegated to fifth and Richard Strachan into sixth.

Levine said: ‘The Russian cut in front of me and I had to chop my stride. But that’s what happens in 400m. I can’t believe I came second.

‘We’re all fighting for the same thing – I didn’t do any illegal move, so I am safe.

‘I’m just trying to do my best here –trying to make a name for myself. You train to win, I didn’t win but I did get the second best.’


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