Libby Clegg now confirmed as T11 Sprinter

This news broke on Friday, July 22nd, 2016 | For more breaking news visit our news page

We caught up with Libby Clegg as the news broke that she will now be running in the T11 classification. See our interview with her below…

  • Q: How are you feeling towards Rio 2016?

A: I’m feeling positive. Selection is next week, so if I run a good time this weekend I should be alright.


  • Q: Is this the longest you are going to go without being with Hatti since you got her? Did you want to take her with you?

A: Yes, it is! I think the longest I have left her before is 3 weeks, and this is going to be just over 4 weeks. I really wanted to take her with me though, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to give her enough attention with everything else going on. She will be alright though, she’s having a nice little holiday with my family.


  • Q: How do you feel about running in the T11 classification?

A: It’s daunting. I’ve never run with a blindfold on before, it’s a bit terrifying! I’ve been practising so I’m getting used to it but it’s scary. It’s different to running only with a guide as its taking away all vision completely, it just adds a new element to the competition. For example, the noise from the spectators sound a lot closer than they are, but it’s exciting.


  • Q: For those who don’t know how the classification system works, what is the difference between T11 and T12?

A: T11 you run with a blindfold and a guide runner, in T12 you run without a blindfold and you don’t have to have a guide runner; most do but you don’t have to.


  • Q: How has your training and preparation for Rio changed since changing classification? And what’s been the hardest change?

A: I have had to do some training drills with blindfolds on, some practice runs and starting in the blocks which was scary to prepare. The hardest thing is the lack of control, from having a guide and no blindfold, you now have to trust your guide completely to keep within the lines. It’s scary to lose that control.


  • Q: How well do you think your times compare to those already running in T11?

A: I think I’ve got a good chance, my times are definitely towards the top 5, and with the anniversary games this weekend, I feel ready (although starting to get nervous now!).


Thank you to Libby Clegg for her time, and good luck!

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