Libby Clegg helps launch Standard Chartered’s Great City Race ambassador team.

This news broke on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 | For more breaking news visit our news page

Libby Clegg, World, Commonwealth & European 100m T12 Champion and the two-time Paralympic Silver medallist teamed up with runners including Standard Chartered’s CEO for Europe Richard Holmes, British Paralympian Noel Thatcher and former British Olympian Jonathon Edwards.

Libby, who has taken on the role of ambassador, was helped round the course by her fellow runners and Libby admits that communication is crucial for her success.

“I completely trust my guide Mikail, we are good friends as well, and that’s really important”.

“He speaks to me and says different things throughout a race – it can be technique, something to do with positioning and where my arm is or just general encouragement.”

The July 9th event marks the 11th time Standard Chartered has supported the challenge.

More than 5,000 runners will tackle the 5km City course and this year, the target is to secure £100,000 for the East Africa Child Eye Health project.

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