Leading British Athletes and Coaches Go Head to Head in a Track Challenge With a Difference

This news broke on Friday, July 5th, 2013 | For more breaking news visit our news page

Leading British athletes and coaches took time out from their preparations for the forthcoming World Championships, to participate in a series of driving challenges at the Rockingham Race Circuit to crown the Alfa Romeo and British Athletics Circuit Training champion.

The driving challenge, courtesy of Alfa Romeo, the official car supplier to British Athletics saw the athletes and coaches swap their spikes and stopwatches for crash helmets and take to the famous Rockingham circuit in stylish Alfa Guiletta’s.

Amongst the seven contestants was British 400m runner, Nigel Levine as well as former European and Commonwealth 400m champion Iwan Thomas.

Competing against each other to try and top the podium , the first challenge consisted of  track driving, with instructors looking for great track positioning and total control throughout. The second challenge saw the athletes and coaches encounter the wet grip area. Here the judges were scoring for spectacular sideways action with bonus points awarded for flamboyance and keeping the car in a controllled drift around a low grip crescent.

The final challenge of the day pitted the drivers against the clock in a tricky auto test. Calling for skill and daring, the athletes and coaches had to navigate a route marked out by cones, before demonstrating their reversing ability to finish in a designated box without disturbing any of the cones that would incur a five second  time penalty.

To find out who took the podium places please visit  http://www.youtube.com/user/alfaromeouk and watch British Athletics finest in action.

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