Laura Turner chats to about ‘Dessert Friday’

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England’s Commonwealth Games 4x100m gold medallist Laura Turner and 11.11 100m sprinter chats to about why she loves her ‘Dessert Friday’….

I have what I call a ‘Dessert Friday’ every week and I look forward to it all week. I have got a really sweet tooth and used to be tempted to eat biscuits, chocolate and sweets all week but now I know I’m having a dessert on Friday that satisfies my fix for the week. Each Friday I make sure I cook myself something new for the main course and then bake something new for the dessert. I always have a Saturday off from training, so it makes sense to have my dessert on a Friday.

I think the best dessert I’ve baked is my cheesecake. At least my fiancé would agree he ate a slice for breakfast, lunch and dinner the following day. I’ve tried baking various desserts like chocolate muffins, although my Banfoee pie did not go quite as well. I had a tin of carnation milk which I was supposed to boil in a saucepan until it went thick and gooey for what I thought was three minutes. But when I took it out of the pan it was still really runny like milk. It was only when I spoke to Nicola Sanders (the 2007 World 400m silver medallist) and I told her she said when she made it she boiled the sauce for three hours in a saucepan and when I looked again on the packet it said to boil for three hours and not three minutes!

I’ve really enjoyed my dessert Friday. I got to the point when I thought I was just cooking the same thing over and over again for the past two or three years, so it keeps cooking interesting.

Is there any dessert I wouldn’t cook? Probably a soufflé, I’m not quite brave enough to bake a soufflé just yet. My coach Linford Christie knows about my dessert Fridays, but he just rolls his eyes when I mention it. Out at the pre-Commonwealth Games training camp in Doha he just stared at me while I ate my dessert, but as long as I’m not overweight he is not too concerned. I think having a sweet tooth among athletes is quite common and Christian Malcolm (the European 200m silver medallist) always has a bag of Jelly Tots or Skittles on him somewhere.

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