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Most renowned for being an ex-Blue Peter presenter, Katy Hill is now a full-time mother of two, a wife, a radio presenter and a blogger.

Katy talked about her latest role working with the makers of Ribena for its 75th birthday, her title within the radio world, her Blue Peter craft skills put to use with her kids and getting the balance right between motherhood and womanhood.

Here is what she had to say:

The biggest question every mum always asks is – how do you strike a work/family balance?

It’s a constant game of plate spinning and I’m always worried the plates will come crashing down! When I had kids I decided to cut back on work and be there for my family.  I know I’ll never get these years back and my mum was very much present when I was growing up and it made me really secure in who I am.  So I’m trying to give my children the same start. I think every mum is trying to do the best for her kids.

And as a working mum, how do you like to spend that coveted ‘Me time’ – if you manage to grab any?

I’m a working mum but since I’m self-employed, I’m able to pick and choose when I work and how much I work – which is a massive plus.  But a downside to being a self-employed mum is that you’re never “off”.  Once everything to do with the kids is taken care of there are always more emails, more blogs and articles to write, and more tweets to put out.  Which makes “me” time really hard to take as it feels like SUCH an indulgence.  My favourite thing to do is to get a massage in the evening, once a month, which ticks lots of boxes as its good for my body and chills me out ready for the challenges ahead.

You’ve said in the past that you and husband Trey share the childcare, do you also share the same parenting style? Any disagreements over how your two kids should be raised?

We do share the childcare. We both decided we didn’t want a nanny or to put our kids in nursery when they were young, so we took the decision to both share the childcare, which works as we’re both self-employed.  And we pretty much come from the same place as parents, which is lucky! So it works well.  You always have to put on a united front as parents anyway.  It’s the only way to be effective.

With a former Blue Peter presenter as a mum, are your kids particularly crafty? And do you think it’s important for mums to encourage/force kids to do crafts, even if they’re not keen?

Ha! My husband Trey laughs because nothing ever makes it to the recycling bin in our house – it’s always fashioned into something by me and the kids!  With my children being 6 and 3, crafts are a great thing to do together as they cross age boundaries, and we always have our best chats when we’re doing art together.  Crafts are an amazing way to bond as a family, which is why I was honoured to be asked to be the head judge for the Ribena 75th Birthday Competition.  Sometimes parents just need a bit of inspiration and what could be better than designing a label for such an iconic brand?  Even if you’re not arty, get on the website, print out those labels and get creative!  You’ll be amazed how into it your kids will be – and how quiet!  Download the template at: www.ribena.co.uk/75th-birthday-competition

In a world where raunchy pop stars are role models and kids can be exposed to an adult world relatively young – do you ever worry that Kaya will grow up too fast?

No – not at all! We’re pretty grounded as a family and I’m always in earshot when they’re watching TV so I make sure they’re not exposed to channels they shouldn’t be!  It’s all about being involved in your children’s lives and as a woman, being a positive role model for your daughter. I’m very conscious to fill her wardrobe with age-appropriate clothes she can be a child in.

Life seems busier than ever for you, what are you doing next?

Life is amazingly busy right now! I’m loving every minute! I’m working on the Heart Breakfast show at the moment, which is a lot of fun!  I love new challenges and it’s the perfect job as a parent since you’re done by 11 and free to spend the rest of the day with your children! I’ve been blogging for years but I’m just launching my own website at www.katyhill.com which is about my life, loves and little people!  I’m very honest about parenting – which people seem to find refreshing.  I’m not one of these “faux” showbiz mums who tip off the paparazzi every time they happen to do the school run, and just happen to look perfect!  I’m like most mums – I usually do the school run with wet hair!   So yes – I’m at a very exciting phase with a lovely husband and two amazing kids.  I couldn’t be happier right now – or busier!

And finally, what are three things you wish someone had told you about being a mum before you had your children?

1.  You’ll be TIRED!  Nobody ever tells you the reality of the tiredness!  2.  I wish someone had told me how fast it goes! I can’t believe Kaya turns 7 this year.  3.  When a baby is born, so is a mother!  I know it sounds cliché but truly – nobody expects you to know how to do everything.  Just muddle through – there’s no right or wrong way of doing it – just the way that works for you and your family.

TV and Radio Presenter and Blogger Katy Hill is the head judge of Ribena’s 75th Birthday Competition, where families have the first ever chance to redesign its bottle label.  Entries close on 21st June and please visit www.ribena.co.uk/75th-birthday-competition for further information.

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