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Another bank holiday weekend has passed and haven’t we been lucky with the weather! It has been so nice having back to back long weekends and the country really did seem to be one big party for the Royal Wedding on Friday!

We also had a family wedding as my partner’s brother, Jon, got hitched. It was the first big event we had gone to as a family and Lucas though took it all his stride. I had planned the day like a military operation; my outfit – tick! Lucas’ outfit – tick! Present for the bride and groom – tick! (Although I actually wanted this for myself, we booked the couple into the Malmaison in Birmingham for the weekend. They stayed in the most amazing suite with a four poster bed and the hotel even surprised them with a bottle of Champagne on arrival – what a way to start married life!) Enough nappies to last the day – tick! A spare set of clothes for Lucus just in case – tick!

Feeling rather pleased with myself I then looked in the mirror on Thursday afternoon…..my hair! Complete (and rather awful) over sight! Whatever happened to my religious 6 weekly appointments before Lucus arrived? Luckily the girls at my hairdressers squeezed me in Friday morning and I sat huddled around a laptop in the salon to watch the Royal Wedding and see THE DRESS.

Hair dilemma solved, the three of us set off for the wedding. The ceremony was lovely and Lucas spent most of the celebrations asleep. When he was awake all he must have seen was dozens of new faces. New babies attract attention, whether wanted or not. At many points over the weekend his pram was surrounded by 6-7 faces. I must admit I got a bit twitchy with it as he has never been subjected to such a big event and I felt a bit protective as I am sure Lucas didn’t want his feet tickled constantly. I did wonder on several occasions whether he was really asleep or simply pretending to avoid the attention!

We had a major breakthrough this weekend however – he slept through the night! It may just be a coincidence but I am wondering whether the busy weekend played a part in tiring him out. He has been having a dream feed at 11pm and 3am for the last couple of weeks but at the weekend I decided to drop the 3am feed to see if he would stir and I didn’t hear a peep out of him until 7am!

The big question flying around my NCT ladies this week is about the babies sleeping in their own room. We still aim to meet up every Wednesday for a coffee so had a good natter about it. As we know, every child is different but there is a theme that is running through our group so far, all our babies are sleeping better in their own room.

We moved Lucas into his nursery about a week ago. I was putting him in his moses basket inside his cot as much as possible when he slept during the day to get him used to the room. Soon I noticed that he would fidget less and sleep sounder when in there and his congestion was less. Why? I’m not sure and of course it was a big decision for me to move him from my side as many recommend not doing this until they are 6 months old. Several of the new mums’ babies do not fit in their moses basket now, so even the cot is having to be considered!

Was it strange not to have Lucas right next to me in our room? Yes. Did I worry and jump up at every noise of the monitor? Yes. Did I get used to it quickly as Lucas seemed happier and slept better? Yes. I learn everyday that every baby is different and on so many occasions the textbook has to be thrown out of the window!

I bought Lucas a Chicco Ergo Trainer last week. (RRP: £59.99, www.chicco.co.uk) I am conscious that simulation is so important for babies so this seemed perfect as the system adapts as your child grows respecting their physique so no need to replace it three months down the line! Lucas absolutely loves it and it makes getting on with chores around the house so much easier as I can hear him giggle to the lights and music.

As I finish this week’s blog it’s to the sounds of my son cooing and chatting away on his Chicco Ergo Trainer to the invisible friend he seems to have made! Priceless.

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