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As I write, our son Lucas is 11 days old.

The nursery and all the equipment in the house had just been waiting for his arrival, now it is getting full use.

I think his unplanned arrival, with the fact that he was induced 10 days early, wasn’t a bad thing. Like most pregnant women when the finish line is fast approaching – I was ready. If not a little taken by surprise after going to the hospital for an appointment on the Friday and coming home (with baby) on the Sunday!

So how has it been?

So far so good. Lucas has developed his own pattern already, in terms of when he does his thing. His thing being eating and sleeping really.

At first, before my milk kicked in he was happy to feed every two to three hours and sleep. Now, though, is slightly different.

I am breastfeeding and started off noting down what time he ate and how long for. I was getting so tired and also had to write down L or R  to help me remember which breast I had to feed him with next time! The notepad lasted three days, then it got ditched! I am feeding on demand and often.

His pattern now is that he sleeps a lot in the day, a couple of three hour stints and not too much sleep at night!  Sometimes he will feed a little every 10 minutes.

We are happy though as his weight is good. He predictably dropped a little after birth from 6lb to 5lb 12oz but within three days was back up past his birth weight at 6lb 2oz.

He has slight jaundice which is slowly getting better and another concern – as new parents we have many – is that  he seems to be quite congested, especially at night. He sounds like a little hedgehog snuffling away. Apparently this is normal, so my doctor said – who we took him to yesterday. Also, being so young all his airways will soon settle down and be less noisy. I will be keeping a close eye on it and have no hesitations to return, as it’s horrible to hear him sounding so bad.

The house has been busy with visitors since he arrived and Lucas is wonderfully behaved and normally asleep when they come, if only they could see him at three o’clock in the morning! Also we went on our 1st family trip out at the weekend. Just to the local retail park to buy nappies and some new clothes. We have lots of newborn garments but as Lucas was only 6lb at birth they all drown him! Going out was a military operation! We arrived, parked up, got the travel system frame out of the car but had forgotten the all important adapters to fix the car seat to the frame. Doh!

A return journey back home, then out again… sorted! Note to self, do not forget the important parts!

As all you parents will know, the love you have for your child is amazing. The worry, the concerns, the not knowing what’s wrong keeps you on your toes and ages me every day!

The umbilical cord fell off after one week. This was a horrible process. It was smelly and looked soooo painful, but it wasn’t for him. I feel this is a sign of things to come in terms of the worry meter hitting 15/10 with things!

All things said, with all major changes we are going through myself and partner are really enjoying him being around. Sometimes we forget that he is here! Not in a bad way, just in a ‘can you pass me that’ please? Oh no your hands are full holding the baby’ way.

I find myself just staring at him and feel very proud that we have produced something so adorable and wonderful. Even when he is keeping us awake all night! We don’t mind at all.

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