Feature: Nathan Douglas’s Favourites

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Q: Favourite meet to compete at on the circuit?
A: I always loved competing at the Crystal Palace. It’s really a shame they got rid of that meet because it had such great history. Birmingham’s another venue I love competing in because it’s just a home track to me.

Q: Favourite career memory?
A: Definitely when I first qualified for the Olympics on my final jump at the Trials. It was a big .57m PB for me and it was honestly just a magical moment. It felt like a thousand dreams were coming true at once.

Q: Favourite Championships you have competed at?
A: My first Olympics in Athens were a surreal moment, but also the 2007 European championships. There was some great competition there so it was awesome to perform so well.

Q: Favourite athlete whilst growing up?
A: Well I loved watching Linford, Mike Powell, and then Frankie Fredericks in the 100m & 200m.

Q: Favourite event (outside of your own) to watch?
A: 100m, 200m, & long jump

Q: Favourite pre-race meal?
A: One of my biggest fears is being hungry during competition. So a couple of hours before, I make sure to have a sandwich or a bagel – some type of hard bread with some peanut butter and jam.

Q: Favourite ritual before a race?
A: I don’t really have a specific routine I follow. I do listen to a lot of music but I’m not too superstitious.
Q: Favourite music genre to psyche yourself up?

A: Well my favourite genre would be hip hop, but on my playlist is really any type of song I like.
Q: Favourite Hobby outside of your sport?

A: That’s kind of a hard question because I put so much work in track. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family though! Also, it’s technically a job but a few years back I started some performance coaching on the side. I’ve with entrepreneur’s businesses, and others but I love helping people perform at their absolute best.

Q: Favourite celebrity Twitter Follower?
A: No one in particular really jumps out to me. I don’t get too into any celebrity’s; they’re just regular people to me.

Q: Favourite holiday location?
A: Oh definitely New York. I’ve been there multiple times and there is just so much to do. Every time I go back, I find different things.

Q: Favourite movie?
A: Well I can’t just give you one here. Rocky 4 was always a great one growing up. I idolized how hard he trained and wanted to win. Next, I’d go with Cool Runnings and Friday. Those movies are hilarious and I swear I could repeat them line for line.


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