Feature: Margaret Adeoye’s Favourites

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Q: Favourite career memory?
A: Making the Olympic team. I actually got injured a few weeks before trials so it was just awesome to be able to perform well enough to make it.
Q: Favourite Championships you have competed at?
A: This is a hard question because I competed at the Olympics in London and that was an incredible experience, but I’d have to say the World Championships in Moscow. I was a part of the 4x400m team that medalled bronze.
Q: Favourite athlete whilst growing up?
A: Marion Jones. I always used to wonder if I was as fast as her!
Q: Favourite event (outside of your own) to watch?
A: 800m and triple jump
Q: Favourite pre-race meal?
A: I used to love Chinese the night before but Linford cut me off from that. There was even one time in Scotland where I made a group of us walk around for 20 minutes just so we could find a Chinese restaurant.
Q: Favourite ritual before a race?
A: I usually get up and start playing gospel music while I am getting ready and then when I’m heading towards the track. I refer to it as the “calm before the storm”.
Q: Favourite music genre to psyche yourself up? 
A: Afrobeats and hip hop. It depends on the day but I usually find one song and put it on repeat.
Q: Favourite Hobby outside of your sport?
A: Probably just trying new restaurants. I like going out to eat.
Q: Favourite celebrity Twitter Follower?
A: No, not really anyone in particular.
Q: Favourite holiday location?
A: I haven’t been yet but I really want to go to Dubai someday.
Q: Favourite movie?
A: Oh, definitely Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. It is so funny!

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