Douglas out of Olympic Trials and likely to miss out on Olympic Games

This news broke on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 | For more breaking news visit our news page

Having picked up an injury in my first competition this year in Hengelo (27th May), I have been forced to accept the painful reality that I am unable to compete at this weekend’s Aviva 2012 Trials and accept the fact that I will be unlikely to compete at the Olympic Games later this year.  Having been in great shape coming off my winter training, the cruel reality is that I picked up an injury in my first competition in 20 months, making recovery in time for the London Olympics unlikely.  I am hugely grateful to everyone who has supported me during this difficult time in my Athletics career and for the support I have received since admitting to myself that my dream of challenging for a medal at London 2012 is likely to be over.  My focus is now on getting healthy and back into training in the hope that I can compete before the end of this season.  I wish all of my teammates all the success in the world in what is going to be the biggest and best competition of their lives!

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