After 18 days in the Australian jungle Linford is reunited with his daughter on the bridge to freedom!

This news broke on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 | For more breaking news visit our news page

He’s had 18 days jumping our of planes, surviving a night of terror and of course the Live Trial triumph.

“I had enough days ago, seriously,” he told Ant and Dec. “Some of it wasn’t what I thought. Last night was the worst, I was completely soaked…”

But you’d never have known Linford was feeling the pressure – especially during his moment of Live Trial glory, when he stepped up to the breach in the place of an ailing Gillian.

“It’s for the team – you’ve just got to get on with it,” he sighed as the boys marvelled at his speedy romp round the Unfair Ground. “All my athletic training came in.”

“There were things that scared me but you can’t let on. They saw me as the leader and motivator – big strong guy… You’ve got to hide it and get on.”

And he may be the life and soul of the camp, but when the campers won their packages from home, we all saw an emotional side to Linford that showed he was missing home like hell.

“Physically I can deal with it,” he explained. “But emotionally…”

Linford lept down the bridge to a loving hug from his daughter.

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