Trey Farley


Trey Frecovered0002arley is one of the UK’s most versatile and magnetic TV personalities. His inimitable presenting style allows him to feel comfortable in any genre: from light entertainment and music to sports and travel. Having worked extensively across three continents, with shows airing in 80 countries, Trey is a familiar face in most places you travel to!

Trey began his career working on MTV Asia where he became a household name. He fronted many of the channels flagship shows including By Demand – for which he received The Best Presenter Award at the Asian Television Awards. With Asia ‘sewn up’ it was time to move on.

Trey moved to London and instantly started working for MTV Europe. Looking to expand his experience he became one of the presenters on the BBC’s Live & Kicking. More diversity followed in the form of light entertainment on Channel 4’s superhero game show Zero to Hero,  and the BBC’s Masters Of Combat; sports on BBC’s Grandstand and travel on National Geographic’s Chasing Time.

Alongside his work as a TV presenter, Trey has moved into acting. Most notably in the smash hit Bend It Like Beckham and The Run.

Trey’s experience extends beyond an onscreen presence.  He studied film at Oxford University, and is camera and director trained at the BBC Academy.  More recently he has turned his attention to TV production.

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